The joy of stranger connections

The joy of stranger connections

Empirical data, revealed in a recent New York Times article, supports the joy of stranger connections. Neuroscienctists conducted their own research to prove the influence of connections.

It's easy to get stuck in auto pilot. When you slow down, look around and smile at others - you see a lot of kind people.

Stranger connections, although fleeting, help you get outside of yourself. They may spark gratitude.

My Mom raised us to help a person in need. Even after she drove my brother, sister and I to grade school, she doubled back to drop off the "late" kids she recognized on her way home. She beams with an authentic smile that makes others feel better.

Today, I speed walk to my train stop in Chicago on my way home from the office. A couple times lately I yelled, "Woo who, let's get that el" to complete strangers. They cheered as they raced with me. We caught our train.

Stranger connections of yesterday

Stranger connections of yesterday

In addition to spontaneous teamwork, I adore random acts of kindness. Some City Transit Authority (CTA) employees say, "Good morning" to everyone who crosses their path.

Sure, not everyone is friendly. You should not always engage. That's the exception and not the norm in our friendly city of Chicago.

It just takes a moment to be kind to someone you may never see again. You may both smile.

Any personal tales of a stranger connection, dear reader?

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