Review (husband and three-year-old): 'Planes, Fire and Rescue'

Review (husband and three-year-old): 'Planes, Fire and Rescue'
After-glow of first father-son movie

My husband and three-year-old anticipated their first movie, which I feared would surpass the excitement of their outing to see: Planes, Fire and Rescue. I was wrong. They had a blast and loved it.

My husband praised the voices, which Disney does so well. Ed Harris portrays Blade Ranger, Julie Bowen as Lil' Dipper and Terry Hatcher (albeit very briefly) as Dottie help carry the show.

Planes: Fire & Rescue

'Planes: Fire & Rescue'

The simple and short (83 minutes) story is relatable and easy to follow for the target audience of three-year-olds. The positive message to be courageous and help others is clear.

My husband liked the story about friendship and loyalty as a good example for little ones, which the audience was full of. He especially enjoyed the American Indian Sikorsky Sky Crane chopper (Wes Studi) character with the good Earth theme.

And, everyone loves a shout out to American fire fighters. This story doesn't glorify the rich and famous either.

The tale is a good example for little ones about problem solving. Dusty, the champion racer, must overcome a mechanical shortfall with no replacement gearbox in sight.

Our three-year-old loved his favorite everything on wheels as they converged on the big screen for planes, cars, trains, and more. He bragged about the special effects, especially in 3D. Next time, he wants to bring all his school friends, plus Mommy and his 18-month-old brother (there were no other little ones in the audience though, he said).

Some critics say they expected more humor for adults like the first Cars movie. My husband says not every Disney or Pixar movie should be the same. It does have the same timeless appeal that's so magical in all the Disney movies.

There's even a 50-year wedding anniversary, like my parents who just celebrated their 40-year wedding anniversary.

This Planes, Fire and Rescue will always hold an extra special place in our family as the first father-son movie outing for our oldest. They were over the moon with joy and sugar from the delicious movie popcorn and soda that my toddler even had! They even kicked back in recliner seats at our nearby Webster Place Theatre.

Let us know what you think, when you see it...

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