11 online pet peeves

11 online pet peeves

Do you find yourself getting annoyed with the Internet and its many complications and subtleties? Everyone has online pet peeves, especially with 24/7 access and so much social media noise… Here's a few to start.

  1. Some HATE smiley faces. I add smiley faces a lot for context and always will. I feel safe when others use smiley faces. :) That being said, a loved one recently emailed me, "FYI YOUR F---ING SMILES :) :) :) DRIVE ME CRAZY :) :) :) :)... "
  2. Multiple passwords are a train wreck.  I try to sync mine, but that back-fires every time. My employer requires we change passwords every few weeks.
  3. Do not over punctuate. I'm learning to tone down my exclamation marks since I know that's a top offender.
  4. Not all acronyms are common knowledge. BFD, (big F-G deal, throw-back) right?
  5. Use #hashtags mindfully. #Noteverythingrequiresahashtag.
  6. Less selfies are more.
  7. Try to disconnect from your cell phone or device, especially at the table in meetings or social settings.
  8. Chill out with the unnecessary status updates to over share. That includes every meal, gross injuries and photos of your feet, even if you're at the beach (you can offend once or twice). Along the lines of over-sharing, that can also clog others social media walls - especially if you are liking a million items at once.
  9. Beware if you give a brief response to a loved one after a long, thoughtful message, unless there's a caveat "Let's catch up soon, so we can talk about this."
  10. Minimize the check-in's all the time. A little mystery goes a long way, let people wonder where you are...
  11. Facebook fan pages block a lot of content to help the publicly traded company sell ads. Please subscribe in the box below to get all my posts.

What am I forgetting? Bottom line, sometimes in person or phone is best when possible. We should all try to be authentic and not impress others online...

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