Top 10 ways extroverts may exhaust you...

I'm a total extrovert. And, I'm guilty of these top 10 tell sings of an extrovert who may exhaust you...

Love these girls (2009)

Love these girls (2009)

    1. Crowds energize extroverts. Despite my terrible singing voice, I channel my angst in karaoke and out of control dance parties, even if I'm the only one out there.
    2. Morning extroverts want to talk bright and early every morning. We ask questions like, "What are you thinking, how are you feeling?"
    3. Extroverts sometimes ignore hints if you are watching TV or focused on anything else.
    4. Extroverts may get in trouble for talking out of turn.
    5. When there's no one to talk to live, extroverts over communicate via email.
    6. Extroverts sometimes start talking before they know what they want to say. Toastmasters and other mindful practices are helping me break that habit.
    7. Extrovert will go anywhere to find people to talk to. I love talking to the girls from my office building in our fitness center. Locker room chats are sometimes the best part of my "exercise".
    8. Extroverts may feel the need to socialize every night of the week and be around people all the time. Maybe that's why our kids don't usually annoy me...
    9. Extroverts need to talk out their feelings with a lot of people.
    10. Most extroverts talk too loud. Friends have coached me to lower my voice in public, especially when talking about embarrassing and awkward topics.
I cherish my loved ones who teach me balance to find the quiet and savour it. I'm still high energy like my sweet toddler boys, but am learning to embrace less over-the-top moments… Although every extrovert and introvert is unique and sometimes a bit of both (Quilting! Sewing! Creating reference), we can all feel awkward.

How do you relate with extroverts? The image at the top of this post is right, we love compliments. :)

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