9 secrets to dress for the heat with casual elegance

I asked lovely ladies I respect and adore how they dress for the heat with casual elegance. They shared their tips in the gallery below.

Special thanks to one of those ladies, Candace Jordan of ChicagoNow's Candid Candace, who truly epitomizes casual elegance. She kindly shared these nine secrets to dress for the heat. During the course of her long modelling career, she appeared on over 20 national magazine covers including 8 for Playboy (2 US, 6 international), had a billboard in Times Square, was a Playboy centerfold and appeared in “Risky Business” with Tom Cruise.  Today, she (seemingly effortlessly) dresses it up or down with her glamorous signature style for her full civic calendar with charitable organizations she supports.

  1. Hair--has to go!  It needn't be cut short like mine, but a beautiful slicked back ponytail or upswept chignon looks so elegant and "Audrey Hepburn-esque" in the summer (winter, spring and fall!)

  2. Less is always more!  Not only in the heat, but anytime.  If you wear too many focal points, people won't know where to look first.  One great statement piece of jewelry, or a hot pair of heels or a colorful dress but NOT all at one time!

  3. Black and white is always right.  I personally think this is the chicest color combo.

  4. Your handbag matters.  I've seen a lot of women perfectly dressed and then when you get to the handbag, it's NG because they didn't plan the bag to suit what they're wearing.  I love a clutch for evening.  It allows your outfit to shine and isn't overpowering.  I think big bags work better in the daytime.....sorry Olsen twins!

  5. Off the shoulder dresses/tops are sexy in the summer!  Make sure you have a tan first though and then add a drop earring. BAM!

  6. Oscar de la Renta has some fabulous beaded ones out now in great colors.

  7. Do NOT wear necklaces and long earrings at the same time.  Studs with a big necklace and dangle earrings with NO necklace.  Period.

  8. If you wear something sparkly on top, make the bottom more subtle and vice versa.  Too much glitter and you look like Glenda the Good Witch, or in this case, a Bad Badly-Dressed Witch.

  9. A smile is your best accessory.  :-)

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