The enormous dog bit and I ran

Beware of dog

Beware of dog

I love dogs, which may be why I didn't freak this morning at the corner of Wrightwood and Sheffield in Chicago when one bit me during my run. I guess I was in shock. Not normally confrontational, I barked "What the fuck?"

The owner said "Sorry" at the same time, but I kept running...

When I told my husband, he asked me to describe the dog owner and dog. I can't exactly...

So, here goes... The owner (at least the person who had the dog on the leash) is about 6" 2', athletic build with shaggy medium brown hair, white guy.

There are no photos of of any similar large dog breeds (that I've never seen before) online. If great danes and yellow labs breed, that's what it is...

A million thoughts have gone through my head since then. Like, (1) I should've gotten the owner's contact information; (2) I should've asked if the dog had a rabies shot; (3) I should've borrowed the owner's phone (or someone in that busy intersection) and called the police.

The crime scene happened at 9am. The dog bite doesn't appear infected or irritated in anyway.

I looked it up when I got home. Web MD told all the common sense stuff, rinse the dog bite with water and soap, disinfect it, etc. It also mentioned tetanus shot. Mine is up to date.

Now I sit at the Lakeview Immediate Care Clinic to see a doctor. I called the police. And, I'm letting our alderman know.

I'd love your help to identify the dog. If my vague description sounds at all familiar or you hear from the owner this happened, please send me a message or leave me a comment.

Meanwhile, I hope anyone reading this will get more information if this ever happens to them. I hope it doesn't!

18-hour later update: I got another tetanus shot and antibiotics. If you step on a nail or are at risk (get bit by a dog), those shots are only good for 5 years. Although I didn't pet or touch that dog yesterday, I will keep a safer distance (as opposed to minding my own business) — even from dogs on a leash. I seriously hope that owner keeps its dog on a tighter leash. Since the bite is on the very top of my leg (reaffirming the huge dog), it would've done serious damage to a little one or frail elderly person.

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