Memories and Mayhem: What it means to be an Aunt

Memories and Mayhem: What it means to be an Aunt
My nephew and nieces

When I got married five years ago, I became a proud aunt in addition to a wife. My precious nephew Gabe, then three, was our ring bearer. My nieces Sarah, Meghan and Isbaella stood up for me. Our youngest niece, Natalie, was born days later. They all humble me with their unique smart, athletic and artistic individual and amazing talents.

My Aunt Dolores Passamani

My Aunt Dolores Passamani

I also inherited three more strong women as aunts. I look up to all of my aunts. My wise and patient Aunt Carol taught me math and listened to my secrets and dreams.

My husband's aunts were and are also a tremendous influence in his life. I have heard so much about my husband's Aunt Kay who passed away years before we met. She did not marry or have her own kids. She would be about 90 years old today.

Aunt Kay was an amazing business woman and trailblazer. She founded and managed as CEO an import export wine and beer company. My husband, an accountant and artist, learned business working for his aunt.

He credits his aunts the most for his love of music and the arts. Aunt Kay and Aunt Dolores, who never wed, took him to voice lessons.  They sang with him and encouraged his painting.

I told my six-year-old niece last weekend that I have a hernia, like she did from birth. Although I've had mine since my first pregnancy, my niece proudly exclaimed that "Hernias do run in our family." She proceeded to give me the best do-it-yourself red-white-and-blue manicure I could ever imagine.

Although I adore my nephew and two sons, it's wonderful to also be the aunt to five amazing young women. They up my otherwise-not-cool factor for sure...

My sister Meg is the most generous and amazing aunt. She teaches our boys, disciplines them gently when necessary and bathes them to clean off the sun screen she lathers on before they go to bed at night. She is their superhero. They missed her dearly last week when she was Ireland to visit her husband's family and nephew, her best wedding gift also.

Do you have a special aunt or reason why you love to be aunt?

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