Toddler Ten Commandments

Toddler Ten Commandments
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Our toddler's school, JCYS, shared Ten Commandments the kids wrote in honor of Shavout.

  1. Use your legs for running and walking.

  2. Keep your body to yourself.

  3. Use your teeth for chewing food.

  4. Walk in school [we want ours to walk at home and so many other places such as church or a pool].

  5. Keep your hands to your own body.

  6. Use nice words.

  7. Have fun.

  8. We should share.

  9. Love your Mommy and Daddy [we teach love for all, which JCYS does also].

  10. Use your listening ears.

Shavout began at sundown on Tuesday and ended last night. This holiday celebrates the giving of the Torah to the Jews in late spring.  Our lovely school director, Jean Losek, shared the details below in addition to the important Ten Commandments.

At Sinai, God and the people of Israel entered into a Covenant for all time.  The Jews promised to observe God’s Torah, for themselves, their children, and every succeeding generation.  Shavout reminds us of this everlasting Covenant, and calls on us to take the heritage of our parents and grandparents and pass it on to our children. It commemorates the giving of the Ten Commandments on Mount Sinai.  It is a custom to decorate the house with plants and flowers -- greens recall the green mountain of Sinai where Moses received the Commandments.  We also enjoy sweets and dairy foods, especially blintzes with our friends. When we celebrate this holiday at JCYS, it is our tradition to make butter out of cream and to talk about rules and the ten commandments and the Torah.

Thank you, JCYS! I'm printing these commandments that we'll hold our boys to this summer and always! I love this tradition, which coincides with our flowers in bloom outside. It has our three-year-old setting all sorts of rules for good behavior.

Are there any other commandments your family abides by?

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