The best summer solstice

The best summer solstice
Summer Solstice at Stonehenge, thanks BBC News

Despite the fact I re-tweeted Mom Factually's 9 facts about Summer Solstice, I missed the "today" detail. I read the New Abides' summer solstice sunrise post from last year during my cut and color about the sunrise. I pictured myself running during the summer solstice sunrise (for the first time ever) this week… I checked the date only to realize it was today.

Pool party

Pool party

Minus the fact I cursed not being able to sleep in, I re-capped our morning on Facebook without mention of our delicious Trader Joe lemonade and the baby's fall and bruise. Just a five minute window in any parents' morning with two little ones...

Our boys (and alarm clocks) were delighted at dawn with the #summersolstice. Two hours later, my sis and I woke up our parents with the boys. Meg bathed them while I painted my Mom's toe nails for the first time in years. We shared the sweet chaos before we went to the park across the street from them. What a hoot the gardener was... He was less amused with our boys. #Grateful for such an unexpectedly lovely morning...

I got excited for the sun set. I walked home from my three+ hour appointment in which I got anxious about having "wasted" the afternoon inside while I still had to grocery shop and do laundry. As I passed our local Chicago Park District pool, I noticed it was hardly crowded.

As soon as I got in the door, my oldest shared his ice cream that my husband took the boys for after their wipe out on the hill. Since we live in Chicago, a "hill" is a barely noticeable incline, but still a challenge for the best of us, including my toddler.

I spelled to my husband, "Let's go to the p-o-o-l." He agreed, so I quickly got our towels, swim trunks, diapers and other gear ready for the pool. We greeted our distressed neighbors outside who my husband helped as we got ready for adventure. 2.2 minutes later, we were at the pool and the water was miraculously warm.

As the boys changed scenery to the sandbox, we noticed it was about to pour. And, we just made it home to beat the flash flood warning texts to our phone. It did rain so I solo-ed in "It's raining, it's pouring, the old man is snoring" and "Singing in the rain." Next time, I'll bust out "Rain drops on roses…"

Once inside, I ordered pizza and read Mysteries of Life summer solstice post about what to do this summer such as movies in the parkWe're all excited about summer. I don't think we'll last more than a few minutes at a movie in the park, but we'll give it our best try on the perimeter for a quick exit… We may even the sunset if we're lucky...

Happy summer solstice! What are you excited about this summer? Hope we all get to sleep in tomorrow…

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