What not to say at work: What Mashable missed

What not to say at work: What Mashable missed
Less is more

I talked fast my whole life and filled awkward silences with too much information, but am learning what not to say at work. When in doubt, I embrace the old adage silence is golden. Bottom line, do not say it at work [or anywhere, really] if it doesn't need to be said.

Sharing too much information can you get in trouble, especially professionally. It makes you vulnerable. Saying anythings inappropriate threatens your credibility.

This in mind, a Mashable post caught my eye about when to stay quiet at work. It reinforces that people don't get in trouble for something they didn't say. Saying too much can also make you "that person".

Be humble and don't make everything about yourself. One of the worse offenses in talking too much is one-upping someone. Be gracious about what others say and do. No need to share how you think what you're doing is even cooler.

Learn from watching and listening, especially when you ask a question. My wise, mindful and deliberate boss embodies this. Some people try to implement change too fast and kill their own deals.

We must read our audience's reaction. If they seem disinterested, it's time to finish that thought and be quiet...

Another trick I learned last week (thanks in the Loop) is that a thoughtful pause before you speak helps you compose yourself. Think about what you want to say. It intrigues your listener. And, it gives you a chance to catch your breath and choose the right words. You can watch and notice how good speakers and broadcasters practice that initial pause.

When in doubt, the words of Abraham Lincoln can guide us all, "Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt." You may even exude some of that mysterious French “Je ne said quoi.”  As painful as it may initially feel, why not try to minimize awkward filler?

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