Lingerie for every new mom

Eventually, every new mom should enjoy the simple luxury of lingerie that fits. Nine months of pregnancy stretches out what under garments she once had. My sister-in-law, mother of three little ones, knew best. That's why she generously gave me a Victoria Secret gift card during my last pregnancy.

Victoria Secret

Victoria Secret

I listened to my sister-in-law and got fitted for new bras a few months after I stopped breast feeding my now 15-month-old. One $50 bra later that fit magically, I felt like a new woman. That's by far the most I ever spent on one bra, but understand they can cost a lot more. I opted for what they call a nude (beige, which is darker than my ghost white skin) bra to wear with anything.

All this still fresh in my mind, I clicked on this post about the one lingerie item every woman needs by Michelle Persad. The answer is a black lace bra. Mine is not lace, but it did provoke my toddler to notice the strap and ask all about it...

Another take away is to hand wash lingerie or use special bag to wash it and not put it in the dryer. My white lace lingerie bag was a wedding shower gift I did not register for or know what to do with until now… I will also air dry my new $50 bra to get more good use out of it...

To complete my transformation, I got rid of my last pair of maternity underwear. I picked up new panties with one of my best friends. We giggled as we do opt for a lot more comfort today, but still opted for some fun. Tommy Hilfiger's red bottoms are my favorite. I'll have to tell her I did buy one black thong.

My new lingerie reminds me how I was a girl long before I was a mom. As the French know, I am more confident without frumpy under garments. It is a lovely treat...

What's your go-to lingerie?

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