Hearing impaired parents - mine is getting a hearing aid!

Some kids feel frustrated or even lucky with hearing impaired parents. They are not alone, because 28 million Americans are hearing impaired.

International symbol for deafness

International symbol for deafness

To find the silver lining, my Mom said they played music all night long at her best friend's childhood home since she had two deaf parents from birth. Growing up with their Grandma, we learned to use a bit of sign language and exaggerate our speech with our lips.

My Mom's friend's parents had a network of loving and very social deaf friends. The kids and grand kids learned sign language and their Mom read lips. The deaf family and friends were always seated at the table directly in front of live music at family parties.

Some adults and kids' parents loose their hearing as they get older. In fact, the rate of hearing impaired people spikes with age to 30% and eventually 50%.  My Mom has been brave about her own adult hearing loss. She's seen a doctor regularly and just got fitted for the Cadillac of all hearing aides.  They cost at least $2,000 each in addition to other medical fees to be examined, fitted, etc. She's hoping her insurance covers some or all of it. I said either way, that will be a good investment.

I mentioned that to our family dentist. He said his 90-year old father, who worked at a printer for 30 years, just got the same hearing aides. His Dad refused to wear them once he got them. I applaud his father for even getting that far, but can't imagine how scary that change would be...

I am so excited for my Mom to hear better and cannot wait to hear and see what means for her. She has a sense of humor about it. She jokes she may not continue to breeze through her day with a smile. Will she still nod and laugh when I talk? Will we still get along?

Our dear friend's Dad has hearing loss from swimming in cold water his whole life. Their whole family is grateful for his hearing aid...

I'll let you know how it goes.. Meanwhile, do you have any of your experiences with hearing impaired parents and/or loved ones to share?


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