7 essentials for day camp

7 essentials for day camp

Day camp

Day camp

Our toddler starts day camp next week. He's excited to play with his school friends and have fun in the water. Getting kids ready this time of year is easier in many ways without the layers of clothing, but there are still essentials every toddler needs for day camp.

1) SunscreenApply sunscreen on kids before day camp. They should also have a bottle in their bag to re-apply. Our JCYS teachers re-apply for the kids.

2) Towel. Even if your day camp doesn't have a pool like ours, kids still play in the water.

3) Bathing suit. Our toddler is beyond excited to bring his Planes swim trunks to camp.

4) Labeled change of clothes. Kids need a change of clothes after any kind of accident.

5)  Lovies. JCYS Sunflower Day Camp taught us that term last year. It's something your little one can associate with home, especially for nap time. Kids must also bring a family photo.

6) Pillow and blanket for nap time.  My Chicago Park District day camp didn't have nap time, but a lot of toddler camps do. They stash their pillow in their cubby. Speaking of Chicago Park District camps, the girls HAD to play jacks (remember that "game"?) during afternoon quiet time.

7) Clean diapers [if necessary]. Glad to be out of that stage with our oldest, one more to go!

We hope this is a safe and happy summer for all the little ones... I'm so grateful our day camp is a nurturing environment so we are confident our sweet toddler is in good care. Thank you, JCYS!

Anything else your little one will bring for day camp?

And, did you attend an overnight camp as a kid? I did not - just like the New Abides. If your kids are attending overnight camp, take a look at what they'll need at summer camp, thanks to Tween Us.

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