9 ways to save money wedding planning

9 ways to save money wedding planning
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The average wedding in the United States costs $25,000. This site allows you to calculate wedding cost by zip code and projected number of guests. That is in addition to optional costs of wedding rings and a honeymoon. That's enough to burst a newly engaged couple's bubble, but you can save money wedding planning.

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  1. Make a guest list to estimate projected food and budget based on quotes from local vendors to start a through budget to include everything from hotel guest welcome bags to wedding party gifts to center pieces. If one item creeps up, try to eliminate or minimize another line item.
  2. Negotiate with your vendor to have one less hors d'oeuvres, which may eliminate at least $5 per plate.
  3. Eliminate a champagne toast, but toast with wine instead, which may eliminate another $10 per plate.
  4. Every bride has at least a few no-show guests. That can be frustrating if you already paid $150 per person. So, underguarantee relative to the size of your party. Also, reputable venues always over-set by a couple of plates. We had 150 guests. I under-guaranteed by 5, but still had the room set for 150. We were golden.
  5. Everything is negotiable from photographers to music rates, just find the right vendor for your budget.
  6. Most venues charge more for Saturday night weddings, so explore Friday or Sunday night in addition to Saturday during the day.
  7. Shop GroupOn and other discount sights for anything from photo booths to transportation.
  8. Do-it-yourself can save money, but you can also spend more money on materials so choose wisely.
  9. Some brides swear event planners save them money. We didn't go that route, but you can explore both options before you sign any contracts.

The bottom line can make it tough to save money wedding planning, but try to prioritize what's most important to you and your partner. As my wise Mom says, the big picture is the marriage. It's tough, but unless you are a celebrity couple with infinite money, loved ones should be happy for you to save for your future and not blow the bank on them...

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