7 ways to plan a Chicago staycation

7 ways to plan a Chicago staycation
Pool party

I stayed home with our sweet boys last week for a staycation when our toddler had off between school and camp. It was awesome to un-plug from work and enjoy a week of practically non-stop family fun.

Regardless of if you are single or have kids, I highly recommend a staycation. It was a blast with our little ones and opportunity for my hubby and me to have a fun date, too. Thanks to Wee Windy City's perspective after her own staycation, I made a plan each day.



  1. I played with our boys any time of the day at the park and with friends and their little ones as opposed to the 5pm time we sometimes squeeze in after work.
  2. Experience what your little ones normally do on their own...
  3. We took in butterflies, snakes and kid zone fun at the Nature Museum. The boys say their favorite was feeding the ducks afterward at North Pond. Plan it on a Friday or make a separate trip for music in the Lincoln Park Zoo near the farm on Friday morning.
  4. Although we don't have our own backyard pool, we had a blast in my sister and brother-in-law's with the boys.
  5. We had fun at the beach with my Mom.
  6. I took every class I wanted at my gym from Zumba (I have some new dance moves) to hot yoga and spin, yeah Fitness Formula Clubs and their Kid Care.
  7. My husband and I relaxed for an hour massage ($28 at Fit Foot) and enjoyed a glass of bubbly and bite to eat afterward without the kiddos at La Nella (one of our favorite neighborhood spots that almost didn't recognize us without kids).

Have you enjoyed a staycation? Our friends paid their nanny so are having fun with their kids during the day at the Museum of Science and Industry and other family-friendly excursions while the nanny watches the kids at night. They're taking in a lot of theater, fine dining and cool bars.

And, here's a couple more ideas from Raising World Citizens and Wee Windy City, again.

And, a shout out to stay-at-home-Moms!

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