I got my tutu skirt for Memorial Day race

Why not embrace this running season in style? One of my first races was a Millennium Run with my Dad and sister. The runners in tuxedos and dresses made me laugh and wish I wore my party clothes from New Years Eve. The last few years I ran the Soldier Field 10 Mile race, the girls in every color tutu made me try harder.

Brain cancer racer

Brain cancer racer

This year, I'm excited to bring fun and awareness to race day in my new tutu. You can, too. Get a tutu for your next race from brain cancer patient Monika Allen. That brave marathon runner raises money for cancer with proceeds from her Girls on the Run charity. Like her Glam Runner page now and place your tutu order.

A City Mom shares how she also runs to raise money for cancer. She explains the power of expressing yourself on the race course. We're fortunate to be on that path.

I usually have to psych myself up to run, but I always feel better afterward. When I train if the weather permits, I wear a lot of running skirts. Body Glide Anti Chafe protects my legs from painful burns I've suffered in the past. I'll bust out my knee high compression socks if it's cold.

And, I do break one of Runner's World Fashion Faux Pas. I'm the girl on the course who also has bright red lipstick. My big white sunglasses should also be on their list.

My husband is running the Soldiers Field 10 Mile race next Sunday with me sans tutu. Runners especially express their NFL pride from all different teams as we run through the same tunnel as the Chicago Bears. We're excited to watch out for my sister, brother-in-law and toddler at the fourth and eight mile marks. The excited fans are a blast.

Best wishes to you and the race of life. What's your flair?

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