14 cheap thrills for toddlers

14 cheap thrills for toddlers
Rocks are hours of entertainment

Toddlers are cheap dates and so easily entertained. They need constant supervision, but it's pretty hilarious!

Fortunately, it was all sealed...

Fortunately, it was all sealed...

My toddler boys could amuse themselves with these opportunities for trouble all day, if I let them...

  1. Moving pedways provide endless entertainment.
  2. Escalators are like a ride in an amusement park for toddlers.
  3. They love dirt.
  4. Stones can bring hours of wonder.
  5. Dirty water in a toilet, sink, anywhere will attract your toddler as soon as you turn back.
  6. Puddles are another toddler vice for them to splash.
  7. Dance parties are the best!
  8. Books are the perfect way for them to delay their bedtime.
  9. Large cardboard boxes prove you don't need to spend money on kid gifts.
  10. Bubble tape is reaffirmation to save your money on their presents!
  11. Water fountains shower the good times.
  12. Elevator numbers help teach toddlers numbers and usually frustrate innocent bystanders.
  13. They're drawn to anything awkward they should not be near such as a cooler full of alcohol.
  14. Our 15-month old just discovered he could reach the nutella and devour almost an entire jar last night as evidenced on my Facebook...

I was traumatized and embarrassed the first few times something like this happened. I try to learn from my blunders, but usually laugh it off. A big thanks to friends, family and complete strangers who always offer a helping hand or commiserate with their own tale.

Most importantly, we want our little ones to be safe. Beyond that, my Mom says all kids need is love. I can't argue with that.

What are some other cheap thrills for toddlers?

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