Breastfed infants do not belong at trade shows

Breastfed infants do not belong at trade shows
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Did you see the late breaking headline: "Businesswoman carrying infant is asked to leave Chicago trade show"? That mom expected to attend the National Restaurant Association Trade Show last weekend with her infant. That is despite the fact that no kids under 16 are allowed for safety reasons.

Her interpretation of the rule was that does it should not apply to breastfed infants. She breastfed her ten day old infant at the event. When she passed security, they informed her the age restriction applied to her little one.

She was disappointed and did not think their safety regulation would apply to her little one. Even as a mom who breastfed my own little ones, this quote cracks me up: “I said, ‘Clearly he’s a breast-feeding baby. I can’t separate from him.’”

First of all, not all babies are breastfed. If this woman was adamant that she network on behalf of her business, perhaps formula would have been the answer to feed her baby at home. She could pump her milk (even though that's annoying) to keep up her supply.

I brought my infant with me almost everywhere on both maternity leaves, but never to a work event. There was a Saturday work breakfast about Moms in the profession geared toward lawyers who are members of my association. Although I thought that would be the ultimate irony if I brought my little one, I knew better.

I was adamant that our oldest not have any formula. I learned it's ok. If a baby has formula, he can still breastfeed.

That mother is quoted.

“As a working mother — and I have been working since I had my first one — this is a big surprise to me,” said Osborne, who takes charge of marketing for her family-owned Spring Valley winery, Four Daughters Vineyard. “I have brought my babies all sorts of places. You don’t bring children to adult places, but he eats every hour currently.”

Being a new mom (even after you have older kids) is overwhelming and full of many challenges. And, breastfeeding is so hard. New moms learn (like everyone) they can't do everything. Sometimes someone else needs to represent a new mom at a trade show or meeting.

What do you think about this disappointed mom?

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