Thank you to my yoga class for four life lessons

I tried a yoga class at my gym to stretch it out after injuring myself watching TV.

"Om" ='s the sound of the universe

"Om" ='s the sound of the universe

The teacher guided, "Your pose should be most challenging, but not impossible." I couldn't even modify with a block without falling on the floor with a loud thud. Thank you to my class for not shooting me any dirty looks or judging.

I just kept on with it. I did a lot of child poses. They are: kneel; drop butt to heels and let your arms lead your upper body stretch forward just like my one-year-old naturally does in his crib. I could barely lift my forehead and arms off the mat.

My teacher gently suggested I just breathe a lot regardless of what the class did. I did that for an hour and a half. It felt amazing.

Yoga means to bring together the mind, body, soul and spirit. That is one powerful practice. It worked out my neck and stretched me out.

My three-year-old loves weekly yoga at his JCYS school and demonstrates how they reach to the sky. So, I talked about my yoga. He responded "Wow."

Thank you to my yoga class for teaching me new yoga poses. My toddler and I got on all fours and practiced our own moves.

Most importantly, we will try to harness and embrace underlying principles and life lessons that yoga build on for balance.

1. Slow down to stay grounded in the moment.
Quietly calm your thoughts and nerves. It helps me almost find some peace during little one hysterics.

2. Keep trying and be flexible, which often means modification.
I used to be a control freak in my twenties and seemingly planned my life down to the minute. Parenting doesn't work that way. We don't go to the park if it rains.

3. It passes.
Those seemingly impossible poses and moments during toddler meltdowns do not last forever and make you stronger.

4. Change is constant.
A good girlfriend, whose kids are a bit older than mine, taught me as soon as you get the hang of one phase of parenting - your child is onto the next stage.

Life, just like the human body and a yoga pose, is always in flux. We try to roll with it... We are all students trying to do the best we can. Stop by Ups and Downs of a Yoga Mom (actual instructor) for more yogi inspiration.

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