My favorite 2014 spring fashion

The 2014 Oscars were a sneak peek for many of us of spring fashion to embrace.

Statement necklace, thanks Mr. Lipstick & Lollipops

Statement necklace, thanks Mr. Lipstick & Lollipops

I don't break the bank on my clothes, but find my own statement necklaces (just like the stars) with costume jewelry at Forever 21. My husband has also given me a few special ones that I treasure. I have a few staple items that its almost time to bust out when it gets a bit warmer such as the trench coat Mr. Lipstick & Lollipops gave me for my first Mother's Day.

Crisp white, blue and pink dress shirts are a smart choice for any wardrobe to be dressy or casual. Another spring trend this season is a single ruffle. A  classic dress shirt can be a nice complement with something soft and feminine like a ruffle...

Lots of tartans and flip skirts

Lots of tartans and flip skirts

And, it's almost my favorite holiday - Saint Patrick's Day. Flip skirts are popular this season and found an old short plaid kilt skirt to wear in honor of the green. Speaking of green, clothes in different shades of mint are popular. In fact, my nails are already a fun mint green... Pastels such as pretty pinks (like Matthew McConaughey's wife's gown) are also popular to contrast against bold colors and prints.

Loud prints with a 1990s influence are popular. Speaking of the '90s, metallic embellishments are also very popular - just like we saw in some Oscar's fashion that Mary Tyler Mom shared... Floral prints mirror the sprouts we should soon see outside.

As soon as the temps get a little warmer, I'm going to bust out the white blazer I got on sale at Ann Taylor Loft last year. I won't wait for Memorial Day... I have a polka dot dress and more stripes I can't wait to wear. I'm getting ready to change out my spring scarves to replace my heavy wool scarves that have kept me warm...

A couple trends I may avoid are wide-legged flow-ey pants since I already rock those with my yoga pants and track suits… Since I'm a bit taller than 5'10", I'm not a fan of cropped jackets or shirts either. They'd be so short on me...

What's your favorite spring fashion - old or new? I'm on the look-out for a striped dress. I'll also start to wear my stripes...

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