Retired party girl reaches for a different type of bottle

I just stumbled on a post about bad decision bars. This retired party girl hasn't frequented any of those in ten years or been to one in five years. Ironically, things don't change much except one of the many late night dive bars is no longer. Our old stomping ground is #2 on the list...

Water bottle, PLEASE!

Water bottle, PLEASE!

I just disagreed with another mom who said she hasn't changed in the last 20 years. While I'm not proud of the hours and money I wasted on partying, it is out of my system. I have no regrets. I'm grateful my friends (including non-parents!) and I grew out of our party days together.

Many of us now reach for baby bottles at 4am if any at all… I text those same girlfriends, who used to wait in line with me at Big City Tap or Hunt Club (CRINGE), in Chicago back in the day at odd hours of the night when I see them on Facebook. Sometimes our babies are sick at the same time… Some other days we're up at those same odd hours for a few moments of peace or to do odd chores before the babes wake...

Now, if we want to cut loose - we toast a glass of bubbly during a play date. It's a big bonus if we can get all the kiddos to sleep (just saw this on Mommy Mahem) at the same time at someone's place with pack-n-plays. We haven't tried that since we had our second child… We have toasted bubbly with dear friends with our both boys and theirs at Lincoln Park Zoo. The cheap thrills of parenting!

We're grateful together for those wild times. I hope and pray our sweet babies skip that phase (wishful thinking?). I'm happy to be at a different place…

I impress my little ones today when I, "Drop it like it's hot."

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