Five holiday lessons from Mindy Project

Five holiday lessons from Mindy Project
A Mindy Christmas

Last week's Mindy Project (tune in Tuesday night on Fox) was a funny twist on holiday expectations that often result in the blues with a happy ending. Mindy started out so excited to buy a real tree for their Manhattan doctor's office, which was fraught with hilarious logistical mishaps on public transportation. It mirrors my regular encounters on the CTA such as transporting enormous rugs and more groceries than I can carry.

One of the many reasons we love the show is all of her characters have lovable flaws such as Mindy's neurosis. She plots a Christmas party to win the heart of her crush. He's dating her neighbor, which is the result of another one of her funny blunders. That story and show generally is smartly simplified Shakespeare romantic comedy (Midsummer's Night Dream) in less than 30 minutes.

The party evolves into a no-alcohol and gluten free feast to be sensitive to co-workers' diet restrictions. That doesn't stop Mindy from padding her bra with wine. Here are a few holiday take-ways from the Mindy Project holiday episode...

  1. Be sensitive to those who have a hard time around the holidays.
  2. You can have fun at a holiday party without getting inebriated.
  3. Homemade gifts are the best such as Danny Castellano's awesome surprise secret Santa dance rendition of Aaliyah’s “Try Again” for Mindy.
  4. Plans fail such as Mindy's crush leaving the party... Their midwife neighbor's new girlfriend Maria Menounos stole the show with "Santa Baby", which prompts her bf to move-on and gives the endearingly awkward (aren't we all?) and sober Peter a chance at his fantasy girl.
  5. Cliff came back for Mindy and they finally kiss (although I hoped Mindy and Danny would, but the show thrives on their sexual tension) since he gets how weird she is...

Learning from Mindy, we'll try to incorporate some home made gifts and cards into our giving. And, we'll be flexible as our own plans will inevitably evolve and potentially unravel. And, most importantly - we'll be our neurotic selves and embrace what makes our family unique...  Happy Holidays!

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