Look who's talking: I swallowed a penny for Halloween

Eight month old Patrick recaps his recent hospital stay...

I crawl, climb and cruise everywhere. I defied the man in the white jacket (pediatrician) with two pockets who asked if I did tummy time at four months. I already crawled.

X-ray room

X-ray room

They say I am precocious! Grandma says that means I'm advanced and the giants need to be careful. That's why I swallowed a penny for Halloween...

The white coat giants tried to help. They sent me to Lurie Children's Hospital. It was like a museum - giant fish tanks, animal pictures and bright colors everywhere. Everyone was so nice...

I waited for a long time in a room with Mom. They took pictures of me. It showed the penny in my tummy.

The white coat giants joked I was a piggy bank for Halloween. They said it happens all the time. Mom and Dad didn't laugh or even smile. They said it was their scariest Halloween ever...

More giants in white coats wheeled me all over to different floors.  An army of white coat giants who wore weird gloves finally dug out the penny. They poked me and wouldn't let me eat for days.

When the white coat giants said I was a healthy boy and there would be no short/long-term damage, Mom and Dad jumped for joy and gave me lots of wet kisses.

A lot of pretty girls called nurses without gloves held me. They say I'm a charmer and all said "good bye". The nurses asked me to visit, but Mom says she hopes to never go back there.

I finally got to go home to my big brother after five nights. He cheered "HOORAY"!

Everyone still gives me lots of hugs and kisses. I need to take yucky medicine, but am happy to sleep in my own bed... I missed home so much.

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