My parking lot debacle - crime scene

Last week today (Halloween), I lost my car in Northwestern Hospital's parking lot. I was a hot mess when I parked the car that morning. I had just kissed our toddler good bye at my parents' home. I drove to Lurie Children's Hospital with no sleep.

Belated Halloween

Belated Halloween

As soon as I saw "parking" on their campus, I pulled in and frantically drove toward the top of the full lot in the rain. I was out of my mind with stress and worry so missed the closest lot. I rushed in the rain toward the hospital.

I had Patrick's Charlie Brown costume that I got from home. I looked forward to Halloween that night when I took him home. That was not to be.

Several hours later, I left teary eyed to pick-up our oldest at my parents'. I rushed to the parking lot. Although I could see our car, I could not reach it since there was a wall mysteriously separating it from where I stood.  There was no door to cross over the other side.

I tried to enter on the other side of the building from outside, but no luck. Channeling every mother's Herculean strength, I climbed onto a car to climb over the three-foot high divide above a five-story drop. That's when the owner of the car and parking lot staff arrived at my crime scene.

That car owner and a few sympathetic hospital employees assured me they'd been in my shoes (really?) and suggested I contact the parking lot manager who was no help. Finally, I found a helpful staff member driving the type of construction vehicle my oldest loves. We sped around the property until he dropped me off at our car.

Phew! There was a delay that felt like an eternity as the credit card machine ate my ticket that my sweaty hands destroyed. A nice lady waved me out while the manager yelled I needed to pay. I was on my way to pick-up our oldest...

We are so very blessed all our boys are home now. My lesson learned is to SLOW DOWN. That's something I need to remind myself of daily. My Mom always reminds me to do just that... Those few minutes I thought I saved that morning on Halloween cost me a lot of avoidable stress and time later that day. I will keep trying...


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