Alleged "unfit" Dad emerges in McDonald's custody battle

Parenting is so hard, especially when a child has a meltdown (more on my Facebook). I can not imagine that stress and angst in the midst of a custody battle. That's the only explanation for why two NYC parents are now fighting over a McDonald's meltdown.

In the Dad's defense, he (David Schorr) said his son was eating too much junk food. He told his son to choose another restaurant or no dinner. His stubborn son opted for no dinner. He tattled to his Mom who didn't need anymore ammunition for her charges.

The estranged wife told the shrink her husband refused to take their four-year old to McDonald's. The shrink labeled him an "unfit" parent. That seems to be a gross exaggeration. The Dad then filed a defamation suit to refund a $2,750 evaluation fee with the New York Supreme Court (what?!) against their court-appointed shrink, Marilyn Schiller.

Either way - both parents are having their own temper tantrums that the courts are mediating. The custody trial continues in December. Will the judge allow Schorr to parent his son? I hope the judge puts an end to this insanity... The parents are a well-off couple, who wed six years ago at Manhattan's St. Regis Hotel.

What would you have done? Of course, the wife/mom took her son to McDonalds. Even the 40-something year old Dad's Jewish Mother said her son should've taken the boy to McDonald's - especially with the divorce stress. Hindsight is always 20/20, but sometimes it's hard to think clearly in the thick of meltdowns. Our three-year old LOVES McDonald's. Fortunately, he still believes me when I say they're closed.

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