Look who's talking: baby brother smack down

Dear big brother Andrew,

We can team up against Mom and Dad (the giants). You must know how to open all those gates everywhere.

I can climb three stairs, but sometimes bump my head. Thank you for telling Mom and Daddy when I go near the stairs to keep me safe.

seven months

seven months

I love to wrestle with you and Daddy. I belly laugh since I'm so happy.

It's not always easy to be the baby brother. So, don't knock my hands off the big bed when I stand against it. The giants say I'm a bruiser and may out-weigh you soon. We'll see who's gentle then.

I just want to catch the football like you and Daddy. You are a good teacher though.

You make me giggle so much. It's fun when you jump in the pack and play to cuddle me even though the giants yell at you.

Sometimes you make me cry. Why did you hide my bottle last night when I was locked in the car seat? That's why I screamed so loud. Good thing Mom found it.

I dreamed about the ice cream cones and Grandma's cookies you devoured for my first four months. That's when I got my first tooth and could finally eat more than Mommy's milk.

Sometimes you tell Mom when she feeds me that you need more room. There's plenty of room for you.

I like how you yell "P-A-C-K-E-Y" to wake me up whenever I fall asleep by mistake - especially in the car.

I'd rather look around at everything than eat with Mommy under her shirt. Sweet potatoes, mushy bananas and mashed potatoes are better than the sand and leaves I eat at the park. The pumpkin pie last night at Aunt Meg and Uncle John's was my favorite. It was fun to play with it, too. I painted it all over my clothes.

Dad laughed at me for only having two bottom teeth. I couldn't wait to get more. They hurt so bad right now!

You do so much cool stuff with cars, trains and the giants' phones. That's why I teeth on the cars and reach for the phone or iPad whenever you have it.

Thank you for kissing my head. You asked Mommy if I was ok. When you patted my back, it made my tender gums feel better.



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