Anxiety about school's first parents night

Last night was our first parents' night ever (Sukkot Party) for our almost three-year-old's play school, JCYS. I hoped I wouldn't embarrass him or myself. He's too young for that, right?

I cursed myself for not focusing on the big picture. Sukkot is a Jewish celebration of the harvest and time to give thanks and celebrate nature such as the moon and stars.

I calmed my anxiety since we went to a summer family day (play camp) and the parents were really nice and we saw some familiar faces. The loving faculty and administrators greeted us.

The director, Debbie, gave our school-boy a hug and a kiss. He played it cool, but talked about Miss Debbie all night!

Our oldest was proud to show us his school. He insisted on pushing his seven-month old brother in the stroller. He took us right to his classroom.

I got to meet the sweet boy Max our son talks about. His parents were friendly, too.

We breathed the fresh air. We feasted on the bread our boy made this week at school and has talked about for days.

The families made decorations (pasta necklaces with bells) and hung them in the Sukkah (a temporary structure to celebrate the holiday).

Debbie called everyone to their circle to celebrate.

The evening ended with a short service in the Sukkah with singing and dancing. We shook the lulav (date palm tree branch) and smelled the etrog (citrus).

Our son was delighted to teach us all about Rosh Hashanah earlier this month, the Jewish New Year.

Our first family night at our oldest son's school was a joy. There were no mean parents or kids.

Together, we celebrated our children and honored the faith, tradition and holiday.

Happy Sukkot!

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