Seven ways to celebrate Labor Day

"Summertime when the living is easy..." This nostalgic time of year feels so magical. I especially admire the carefree little ones.  I giggle at all the guys checkin' out scantily clad girls on my way to work... And so, Labor Day is the universal time to celebrate and give thanks for summer. Even though I look forward to fall, I savor this season. I will dress our little ones in summer clothes and wear open toe shoes as long as we can. And, I will wear white after Labor Day!

Water party

Water party

So,  if "It's getting hot in here, take off all your clothes!" And, consider a simple seasonal pleasure...

(1) Buy or sell fresh lemonade.

(2) Slow down for Italian ice.

(3) Take a dip outside in the water - local pool, kiddie pool or sprinkler. One of my favorite memories is playing in the water that blasted out of fire hydrants as kid...

(4) Enjoy every taste of your favorite flavor of ice cream.

(5) Wear your favorite summer clothes and shoes as long as you can!

(6) Consider an afternoon excursion via car or train for a change of scenery... If you're near Chicago, check out these ideas...

(7) Even though this is intended to be a time to slow down business - there are lots of holiday sales (Nordstrom shoe sale).

(8) Find yourself some summer lovin'! "Summer days driftin' away
To uh-oh, those summer nights..."

As you "sit back and unwind," how will you honor the now and "think about the summers past?" What do you want to eat off the grill? We're celebrating a special five year old's birthday with dear friends. We look forward to good company and yummy barbecue!

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