Family travels: gratitude list

Yeah, stressful and deliriously exhausting is is an understatement for family travel days, but the wonderful and special moments on our gratitude list far out-weighs any fleeting angst. And so, I tried to block out work and week stress on our last day and focus on our many blessings...

August 2013

August 2013

(1) Our sweet babes were full of laughs and smiles all vacation. It is so tender how much our two-year-old worships his father. Our first day back to work (Monday), he asked all day where Daddy was and continued once I returned home... And, I love how they are still asking where my parents, siblings, and our dear friend "Aunt Sally" are...

(2) It was an extended family vacation with quality adult time. And, our adult-kid ratio was always at least three-to-one. Mr. L. &. L. and I got to run, close our eyes and lift a glass without constantly chasing each of our children...

Mother and daughter

Mother and daughter

(3) There are so many kind strangers every time you think you can not take anymore. A nice pair of parents on the flight to Boston gave us scratch paper, highlighters and pens when it was clear we needed help to amuse the little ones.

(4) Rain or shine is an adventure on a family vacation, but we enjoyed perfect weather last week. No one got over heated, and there was no rain or cold.

(5) We made so many special family memories to treasure. Our two-year old, Andrew, is a little more cautious this year with the water. That means that although he still wildly ran out the door and straight toward the seashore (as he did last year), he usually stopped before he got to the water. He threw all kinds of rocks and played with them at the shoreline. Only once did he run during low tide for blocks past the sand bar. He got so tired, I had to carry him back, but I was happy for a tight hold on him...

We are so grateful for these special family times and treasure the memories... And, THANK YOU Dad for the awesome photos you took!

From the archive:
The sand bar
Cape Cod

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