Mommy friendships evolve - old and new friends to be treasured

Mommy friendships and social life (that may be an over-statement...) evolve. Since our two boys under three were born, I don't see some friends for days, weeks, months or even years. I've agonized over declining invitations. Everyone else is having a blast on Facebook. Then, I am reminded of our sweet boys falling asleep on my lap as we all doze off. I sneak downstairs to write and hear my husband with our infant. That's what I love most. I treasure our extended family, new and old friends.

Long lost friends

Long lost friends

Once upon a time, I spent hours talking to friends (including my sister and brother) on the phone, wrote letters and then emails, but am now delinquent in even responding to text messages and rarely use video chat. Years ago, my oldest buddies and I played, walked, talked, ran and stalked. We relaxed to tv shows like the Wonder Years and Beverly Hills 90210, and watched girly movies. We did drive-bys and closed late night dive bars through our late teens and early twenties.

I cherish those tender, innocent and wild memories as I am thrilled with our seemingly quiet, but different chaos today. Our sweet babes wake us early and often. It's hard to imagine how I ever felt "bored".

Fast friends

Fast friends

Years ago, friends and I celebrated everything even when time zones separated us. A special friend reunion was in 2010 for our dear friend Erica and Dan's wedding. There are at least ten new kids born between us since then. This weekend was our first time to meet another close friends', Kristin and John, little boys who are the same age as ours. In every instance, it's as if no time passed. Our conversations are a little disjointed, but that's since we share toddler and infant sleep deprivation. It is an absolute thrill to watch our boys naturally hold hands and fall into our stride.

Time and energy are parents' most scarce and prized possessions. Today, (old and new) friends' kid's birthday parties, funerals (that is sad!), weddings, quick workouts, or coffee dates are precious friend (non-parents, too!) catch-up time. I was so excited for another friend's two-year-old birthday last weekend, I almost wore a little black dress for the occasion! Our two-year-old yelled, "No way, Mom!" I'll save that for a date with Mr. Lipstick and Lollipops.

Wise elders say there will be a day full of time so enjoy today. Our friends understand. We do the best we can...

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