How to travel with baby

Mr. L. & L. found an amazing deal to bring our two boys under three to Jamaica. We traveled the week before my scheduled return to work from my twelve week maternity leave. I was initially really excited for the last hoorah, but started to panic… What if one of the kids got sick?!

We found a direct flight so the less than four-hour flight in and out of Midway Airport in Chicago (less stress than O'Hare for anyone near Chicago) didn’t seem as scary. And, hey – our newborn is easy breezy…  All he needs is lots of sleep, clean diapers and tons of milk, right? We could try…

And, I found cheap clothes that fit. We packed a big suitcase, small carry-on suitcase and transported the boys in a light weight double stroller.

The day before we left, I got really nervous again. Duh, newborns shouldn't be in the sun at all. I walked around our neighborhood with the boys and met new Mom friends.

One brave girl said she flew with her three kids under five regularly to see her family in California - same flight time as ours. She told me to bring lots of lolli pops for our oldest to eat on the plane when his ears popped. Another neighbor and pediatrician assured me the kids would be fine. She also lent us a baby wet suit for more sun protection and floatation device for the baby with a sun canopy. I felt so much better.

We were perfectly safe and generally relaxed. My husband’s new iPad entertained our oldest on the plane and during most meals other than our last night. Fortunately, we were seated next to a family celebrating their parents' fiftieth wedding anniversary with lots of kids and grandkids (at home!), but they said they were used to toddler meltdowns. And, hey, they got a break when I chased our oldest through the haunted Rose Hill Golf Course, exhausting him for the rest of dinner.

None of our kids got sun burnt. The baby pretty much stayed out of the sun except for a photo opportunity. I worried for no reason – why wouldn’t a tropical paradise treat all of us well? What do you think of family travel?

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