Sleep Training Confession & How My Baby Finally Slept Through the Night

 Sleep Training Confession & How My Baby Finally Slept Through the Night

I sleep trained my son.Wait that's not the confession. Actually, we all sleep train weather we call it that or not. Some babies are easier than others and some are trained to sleep next to  momma (though this is very natural way indeed).

While it was not easy using the chair method or sleep lady shuffle (we sat next to him while he went to sleep, then across the room, and eventually outside of the door) it did pay off. He would fall asleep on his own.

But Sugar would still protest cry a few minutes most nights and he was still waking to nurse as discussed here. At our 6 month pediatrician appointment I asked my very pro-breastfeeding Dr. who has been practicing about fifty years if I needed to continue to nurse him at night and he said, "You can start being a hard-ass." I almost feel out of my chair laughing I was so taken off guard by his phraseology.

So at 7 months I tried to night wean--and it didn't work. He cried twice a night for ten days. The first awakening (1 or 2am) would only last about fifteen minutes, but around 4am it would be fifteen minutes of screaming, then I'd comfort and console, and he'd cry for 15 minutes, and then I'd comfort him again, and on and on.

It would take about an hour. It was a nightmare. And, to make matters worse half the time I had to pump while listening to him cry. Then, I cried and went back to nursing him. That's the confession.

But someday is finally here. My Sugar slept through the night. It was the day before his nine month birthday.  I was holding on to hope that Weisbuth was accurate--some breastfed babies continue to need 1-2 night feedings up until 9 months. I did everything I could do. But he was just not ready until now.

The funny thing is that I used to have Sugar on a pretty consistent routine and have him in bed by 6 or 7pm depending on his naps. But since we've been traveling, moving, and have family in town his bedtime has slowly inched back to 8 or 8:30pm and this is when he sleeps through the night!

So moms who are trying to sleep train faithfully feeding through the night--hold on and do what works. Your day will come. BTW, we had one week of good sleep and now three days of not so good. Teething, growth spurt? Who knows...but we are on the way.

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