Top 10 Reasons I'd Marry Him Again

Top 10 Reasons I'd Marry Him Again

Okay, so 3 years may sound like nothing...and it is only the very beginning of our marriage, but wow it seems like its been longer than that. Maybe because we've adopted a puppy, traveled the world, got TDH through grad-school, got him promoted to manager, grieved the sudden death of his former boss and friend who hired him and purposely groomed him for this position, tried to start a church (and went through it not working out), had a baby, and are currently in the process of selling our condo and buying a house.

But you want to know why I would do it again:

10. We had a awesome wedding, and it will be even better next time. The point his we have fun together.

9. I don't call him Tall, Dark & Handsome for nothing (TDH)--this is one good-looking man.

me at engagement party 2

8. We made one gorgeous baby and we hope for more! There is something so incredible about sharing a love for your child...which theologian likened this love to the Trinity? Augustine? Wow, not sure... mom brain is killing my theological brain little each day.

7. He challenges me to be a better person (even if this is annoying sometimes when I don't feel like being a better person) while loving me for who I am (kind of a nerdy fun hippie type he met in India).

6. He takes care of me and our Sugar. From the basics of providing for us financially which being a feminist sounds funny for me to say but its true, to always making sure the car-seat is installed correctly etc.

5. I never want to date anyone else. I've been spoiled.

4. He is supportive. I said I wanted a natural birth--he did what he could to help it happen. I said I wanted to start a church, he did what he could to help it happen. I said I wanted a baby...

3. The man can cook.

2. He has a steady, tried and true trust in God.

1. There is no one else I would rather call home--in Chicago or anywhere else in the world.

I guess the fact that I had to combine and pair these down to limit it to 10, means I love my husband a lot. Happy Anniversary!

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