Green City Market: Rasberries, Zuchinni and Eating Locally

Green City Market: Rasberries, Zuchinni and Eating Locally

Have I mentioned that I love going to the farmer's market? Oh, I have? That's right. This week I found  mounds of zucchini to be very inviting.  And, I took the opportunity to make my first zughetti using my new Spirializer.


Baby approved.


For dessert? Raspberries.


Anyway, I have this idea to eat purely farm-to-table, locavore, whatever you want to call it for a whole week. Green City used to have a week long challenge in September and Dana Cox Lipe did it for a whole year at Honest Meal Project. While the virtues of local eating may be debatable (in terms of environmental factors and even nutrients), the taste of local produce is undeniable.

We currently spend about 60-70% of our grocery budget at Green City Market, but we supplement with more conventional grocery stories for snacks, essentials, and a few out of region items such as citrus, bananas, and avocados. We'd like to challenge ourselves a bit more. Do you shop for local food? Grow your own food? Or Enjoy farm to table restaurants?

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