Why Are We So Afraid? Parents, Love, & Fear

Why Are We So Afraid? Parents, Love, & Fear

One friend of mine asked me if I envision ways that my baby could die. When she had a newborn she did.


Another friend told me she was so freaked out about choking she that she continued only giving her baby purees even though he was old enough for finger foods in the traditional feeding model.

Still another friend met me at theĀ  park on a cool sunny spring day, but she kept freaking out that her baby was not warm enough even after she put him in the carrier (where body heat does magic).

My six month old missed a nap the other day because he is so alert and church was right in the middle of prime nap time--and all I could do was obsess that he needed to sleep. I told my husband I was stressing about it, and he said, "Why? It's not like he's going to die.

Right. True. I calmed down. It is always easy to spot the irrational fears in others, so sometimes it is even nice to have some one point out the obvious.

But Dads aren't immune. I showed my husband that Lincoln, can now stay in the sitting position for almost five minutes--then he topples over. And he immediately started surrounding Lincoln with pillows so he wouldn't bump his head.

I tried to explain that he catches himself enough that he doesn't get hurt as long as he is on the rug. But the pillows made this daddy feel much better.

What is it with first time parents and fear? Is it possible to be a parent and not worry? Or does the role come with a dose of worry and fear? Why are we so afraid?

I find it interesting that Jesus said that fear and love don't mix. In fact he said, "perfect love casts out fear." Yet we seem to think that we fear because we love.

We wear our worry like a parental badge of honor.

Deep breath--got to run--have to make sure my sleeping baby is still breathing!

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