The Best Sushi in Chicago & How to Avoid the 2-hour Wait

The Best Sushi in Chicago & How to Avoid the 2-hour Wait

The best sushi in Lincoln Park, and perhaps all of Chicago (and that is saying a lot), is at Toro Sushi. There is no question. If you do not believe me, believe the weekend crowds and Yelp's four and half stars. Not only is the sushi fantastic, but it is also BYOB and, if you are with someone who does not eat sushi, they do serve Chicken Teriyaki. And, they also make beautiful vegetarian rolls. The only reason I can imagine someone not giving Toro all five stars is the wait, and there will be a wait. On the weekend, expect an hour. Luckily, Lincoln Park is a nice place to walk around and Toro's staff is happy to take your cell number and give you a call when your table opens up.

Mitch is Toro Sushi’s Chef/Owner, and his genius rolls make up for the wait.  What is so good about these sushi rolls? Not only are they fresh but also creative, and have just enough rice to hold the roll together with the mango, fish, jalapeno, and sauces.

My favorite is the Kamikaze. It might not look appetizing with the extra salmon/tuna filling piled on top, but it tastes amazing


The Arizona is another great roll.null

In addition, the Tempura Fried Ice Cream that Mitch surprised my mother with in celebration of her birthday was a perfect ending to a perfect night.

But here is the secret tip you've been waiting for: if you arrive before 6pm, you won't have to wait long. And, if you arrive later you can offer to sit at the bar and not only will your wait be shorter but you will also have the honor of fist pumping and chatting it up with Mitch.


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  • The place looks better than average, but awfully cliche and certainly far from the "best sushi". Pretty insulting to call it that in a town with nationally-recognized places like Arami and Katsu that avoid the cliche maki you posted that every schlocky sushi place does.

  • Looks delicious to me.

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