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5 Solid Reasons to Allow Polygamy

I think as we as a nation begin to tolerate the inclinations of those who are different from us, we should broaden our horizons on the meanings of human institutions.  Not to do so, is bigoted, as pointed out in the very recent decision of the Supreme Court of the United States regarding the Defense... Read more »

The Case of the Missing Organ

Where is Father Brown when you need him? Okay, all you get your minds right. And correct. I’m talking about a musical organ. A big one, with pipes. Seems it disappeared from a church, St. Justine’s in Pittsburgh. Father Brown, for those not up on their Catholic sleuths, was created by the Catholic author and... Read more »

University of Chicago to Tear Down Reagan's Home in Hyde Park

University of Chicago to Tear Down Reagan's Home in Hyde Park
Many people know that President Reagan was born Illinois and lived here while growing up. Few know that Reagan lived in Chicago. Most think of his downstate homes, his birth home in Tampico and his childhood home in Dixon, Illinois. Few are aware that Reagan lived only a few short blocks from the home of... Read more »

They Shoot Churches, Don't They? A Media Afraid

They Shoot Churches, Don't They?  A Media Afraid
Recently, St.  St. Columbanus Church, on the south side was the scene of a murder. From the Chicago Tribune Report, a known gang banger, attending a funeral for another fallen brother in mayhem, destruction and death, was being given a good Christian send-off,  and then it got ugly.  Shots were fired, by a yet unknown fellow killer... Read more »

The Last Paperboy in America

The Last Paperboy in America
Maybe it was yesterday, or perhaps today, but the last paperboy (or papergirl) in America was born. Every morning, I hear the familiar “phlip” of one of the Chicago dailies being tossed onto my neighbors porches.  This is a three “phlip” block, and the paperboy does not have a bag on a bicycle, but tosses... Read more »