I kicked Jimmy in the shins. You know what he did?

I was not surprised to see that Jimmy was moving on from his post as editor and manager of Chicagonow.com.  How much ranting can a person take?

I doubt when Jimmy accepted my pitch to publish a blog somewhere back in 2009 or 2010 did he realize that I was going to be one of the most hated bloggers and posters on Chicagonow.

My pitch was originally to post things unique about Chicago.  Those were my intentions until Barack Obama jammed ObamaCare down my throat and cost me my insurance coverage.  I am one of the 5 million or so who buy their health insurance on the individual market.  I had done so for 34 years, as I am self-employed.  My insurance was deemed "unlawful" by the ACA and canceled.  I resented this.  Who the hell was Obama and why could he cancel my insurance?

I posted the same on Chicagonow.  I was called a liar and a racist.

This fueled my fire.

The majority of Chicagonow bloggers are progressives.  They post the same.  Politics is their religion.  I made opposing comments.  Most blocked me eventually;  they were supported by readers and other bloggers, and I was a person who disagreed, and I did so with sarcasm and pointed mocking humor.

For a while, I railed against Obama and Democrats (and Republicans) in my blog, but I soon realized that CN was the wrong venue for my thoughts.

So, I changed the focus away from politics to life's oddities and changed the name of the blog.

My interaction with CN was basically posting comments on bloggers, but, again, I was blocked by many who just wanted to cover their ears and say "la, la, la" to themselves.

I even beat Jimmy up when he would infrequently post a comment on a blog,  and  I kicked him in the shins a couple of times.

He dealt with it.

My later blog posts -- non-political and with no social commentary-- were featured more often than not.

Thanks, Jimmy.   Good luck with your new job.

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