St. Christopher tries for a career comeback....

St. Christopher tries for a career comeback....
St. Christopher's wheels

St. Christopher used to be everywhere, but now not so much.

From Saints off Record...


Saint Sam Striver was at his desk as usual at 6:30am, sharp. On most days Saint Christopher passed by on one or more means of transportation -- sometimes a cloud, sometimes his red Ferrari, sometimes even his skateboard. Today Saint Christopher knocked and was invited in by Saint Sam.

"I'm bummed," said Saint Christopher. "It has been how long since I was de-saintified down there, Sam?"

Saint Sam thought: he remembered Saint Chris getting the heave-ho and being banished, but wasn't sure if was during the Reagan, Bush or Clinton administrations. "It's been awhile, a long time now," said Saint Sam.

"What do you think my chances are with the new guy?" said Saint Christopher.

Saint Sam tapped his pencil on the desk. "You mean Obama? I think he is way, way too busy now."

"No, I mean the Big Guy down there, Francis," said St. Christopher.

Saint Sam pondered the idea. "Tell you what, Chris. I'm trying to upgrade the old halo to a "three", so I will start a petition on the Vatican web site. Saint Sam accessed the website. "Then I'll work the Vatican Facebook page, and Tweet."

"Good thing those are not healthcare sites. What do I owe you?" asked Saint Chris.

"You are still the man up here. Pull rank and get me a bigger glow about my head," said Saint Sam.

Saint Sam Striver has gone to work, and you can bet that once again Saint Christopher medals and medallions will once again be around necks and in cars, and Saint Sam, striving even harder, is even pushing for NASCAR recognition. He is feeling that Grade 3 Halo.


St. Christopher might get his own reality show.

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