From the Wordshed to the Woodshed

I'm not above a mention of a fellow blogger here on Chicagonow.

Again, I recently challenged a blogger for censoring  a blog.  By "censoring" I mean not allowing instant posting of comments.

I see no reason for this delay in reaction, as this is what a blog (and the internet) is supposed to be about.  Especially when the topic involves politics and current events.

The only reason I can see is that those who post polarizing items --like me-- are afraid to take the heat, unlike me.

I was taken to the woodshed and urged to apologize for this opinion.   Ain't gonna happen.  Never.

I refuse.

I did take a look further and I find a new,  long blathering about the "low" comments that may not  appear on a certain blog, and that really, only  academic references will be allowed.    I am scouring the tomes of academia to find the Edward Scissorhands scholarship.

So far it is missing, but that is par.

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