Confessions of a Troll

Okay, the secret is out: I am a troll.  But a traditional troll, not one of the e-world version.

A philosopher in this Chicagonow blogosphere has thus labeled me.  And apparently censored my comments.  Oh, the pity.

He has looked down from his lofty perch and seen me ducking and darting beneath the bridge of life and, because I dare to poke some fun at his writings, I have been branded and banned, apparently.

My "sin"?

I called into question the methodology of his recent posts.  Though a philosopher, this man does not offer an rational thought, but simply cuts and pastes opinions from third rate actors who really believe they are starship commanders.   In addition, he cuts and pastes quotes from various holy books and scripture and leaves them dangling like strips of meat to be cured, with no context or comment offered.

Okay, so I am a troll.

The troll's point of view can be valid, as they see the cast offs and rejections of the elite in society from the down under and not necessarily the top over.

My point-of-view is not popular on Chicagonow, as it is a little to the right of most posters and readers, but so what?

As a troll, I will always welcome the opinions of those passing above on the bridge.  Toss me your crumbs, stale as some of it might be.  I will always catch them, hopefully with good humor and cheerfulness intact.

Unless you are selling the latest version of the blue pill, your comments will always be welcome to this troll.


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  • Wow! You've been banned by a fellow blogger? YIKES! Email me and tell me who it is! I won't tell! ;-)

    Well, I've always appreciated your comments on my page. You've been civil and articulate and then I don't have to comment. ;-)

  • No, no. I will not give up names in private or public. He is the only self-described philosopher on here.

    I confess, too, that I am not always so civil when on other blogs. I like to think articulate, but some do not appreciate humor or slight mockery when their views are questioned.

    Who knows, the ban many only be temporary, as I am about the only one who responds to the philosopher's blogs, and he may get lonely, even if it is for a spar with a troll.

  • In reply to Richard Davis:

    The last time I heard the word "troll" was what Charlie Sheen called his co-star John Cryer. If Cryer -- a cunning comedic actor -- is a troll, well you're in pretty good company!

  • In reply to Jack Spatafora:

    I am celebrating the troll in all its meanings.
    Thank you, Jack.

  • Richard, I wouldn't worry about this. I've been temporarily banned at one point or another by almost every "mommy blogger" on ChicagoNow, not because of my political views, but because I have strong opinions on boobs and women's legs, and yet they have all welcomed me back with open arms probably because I'm so good-looking...

    I predict this philosopher will bring you back once he realizes how much he misses you. In the meantime, I would recommend getting hammed tonight at various bar in Lincoln Park while trying to take home an attractive and equally inebriated college coed who's taking summer classes at DePaul. That's how I usually get over getting banned by a blogger and, believe me, it works.

  • In reply to gwill:

    No, you were banned because you called my family fat. But then you apologized and now we're good, but it's not like you were just a saint appreciating moms.

  • PS - It was because you're good looking.

  • gwill, you were right! Dam! Still, if the philosopher takes me back because I'm a handsome devil... I'm not sure that is good, either.

  • Dear gwill,

    Thank you for your encouragement. I too have strong opinions on your subjects, and can appreciate a solid to jiggly point of view.

    There is one problem with your solution regarding the sloshed DePaul co-ed, is that I not sure what would happen if one of them allowed themselves to be captured. The co-ed might insist that the defib pattles come along with us from the bar, which is not a good indication of her degree of confidence in my all. Not to mention the "yuk" factor as me being probably older than her dad.

    My philosopher friend may welcome me back, but it will not be because of my raging good looks, but because I am about the only one commenting.

  • Richard, I don't comment on that page because the writer doesn't really seem to want dialogue. I admire your trollish effrontery. I was very nearly moved to remark on this last post, and may yet, but I don't really feel like getting all the flames of philosophic hellfire brought down upon me. Plus I don't want that blogger to wander over to my blog and say something ugly. My blog would prompt that.

    I feel like everyone thinks what they think and no one, no commenter, no matter how wise or how trollish, will ever change anyone's opinions, as most of us are, as far as our beliefs and values are concerned, calcified into stone. Thanks for always being willing to mix it up, and for usually keeping it civil.

  • I hope it wasn't me. I don't recall actually self-proclaiming myself a philosopher, although I certainly think of myself that way

  • As a "target" of many of your troll musings, I must say that I do welcome your comments. It generates great discussion, and ultimately we are all benefited.

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