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See "Live" Torture-- A Groupon Special Offer???

Such a deal allegedly offered by Groupon: for a mere $28 you can take tour of the historic Armory in old San Francisco. Wow, think of the history.  If these old walls could only talk. Turns out they not only talk, but are alive.   The old Armory is the home of “Kink”, which makes... Read more »

A City of Many Colors, Locked in Cubes

Chicago has many different colored neighborhoods, and mostly they stay that way, making Chicago one of the most –if not the most segregated city in the United States. It is my belief that it stays that way for two reasons. People of any ethnic background like their own, mostly.  They are most comfortable.  We are... Read more »

What if Billy Sunday Returned to Chicago?

What if Billy Sunday Returned to Chicago?
Billy Sunday — name sounds made up, but he was as real as real and even got put into a song, which is where most people have heard the name. Frank Sinatra sang that Chicago was a town that even Billy Sunday couldn’t shut down. Who was Billy Sunday, really? Turns out he was a... Read more »