Hold the Press: The Original Lois Lane is Dead. Not even Superman Could Save Her This Time

Lois Lane died July 03, at her home in Tucson, AZ, after a long illness, according to USA Today. The story was lost in the Independence Day rush of things, and with the situations over the US presidential race. Noel Neill was the first acctress to play the plucky Lois Lane, who was Superman’s unrequited... Read more »

KFC debuts another Colonel Sanders actor clone for the Super Bowl. Finger licking strange.

His name is Jim Gaffigan, and he is set to step into the shiny, black patent leather shoes of the long dead but once famous spokesman and founder of Kentucky Fried Chicken,  Colonel Harland Sanders, with KFC’s new Superbowl ad.   He takes over from retiring Colonel clone, Norm Mac Donald. Supposedly, Norm Mac Donald... Read more »

People in Lustron metal houses should only throw magnets

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World War II was over, and millions of returning GI’s were anxious to settle down and start families, only they wanted an immediate bite of the American Dream Pie, so they wanted a house and a white picket fence and a car in the car-port, instead of crammed in city living, which had been the... Read more »

Shout Out from Space --- "Sorry, Wrong Number"

  British astronaut, Tim Peake, dialed long distance from space.  More about that in a minute (or a few units in tele-talk). It used to be there was one phone in the house, usually in either the kitchen or hallway or some other public space in the house.  Once upon a time extensions cost extra money, and... Read more »

"Amphicar" Ride... Half car, Half Boat!!

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Next time you get frustrated with Lake Shore Drive traffic, think of what could have been: a shortcut across the lake — via your own Amphicar Model 770, first introduced by German car maker Quandt Group. Quandt made 4000 or so of these not-quite-a-car and not-quite-a-boat, but the concept never became a mass market success.... Read more »

Who wins: Superman vs Batman?

  It should be no contest — Superman should win. Fox TV’s Gotham  is going to put the two superheros togehter to battle it out. Why, I don’t know. I thought they were on the same side, but a lot has changed since I saw George Reeves launch himself into the air in black and white... Read more »

Monkeys in or Monkeys Out?

Most kids I think wanted to keep the creepy monkeys in….

Are You an Anti-Semite?

Comedian Jeff   Foxworthy  has a bit where he rhetorically asks his audiences if they are rednecks by throwing out what are believed to be truisms about rednecks, such as, “If you pour Jack Daniels on your corn flakes in the morning, you might be a redneck,” and so on. Why not a same set of... Read more »

How to Relax-- from the Outside In

Chicago has been a bit jumpy lately, what with nasty partisan elections and the upcoming Polar Vortex Two threatening a Chiberia II and a Bears Football Team that can’t play straight (or at all) — but there is a way to get through it all, and it was largely developed in Chicago about ninety years... Read more »

Snackville Junction comes to the end of the line

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Few people ride the rails anymore, but there are a dedicated group that eat what the rails deliver. But not for long. Snackville Junction, 9144 S. Kedzie Avenue, Evergreen Park, was born when rail travel was still strong, with the simple idea of sending hot dogs and hamburgers around a track to hungry kids of... Read more »