A serious discourse about twerking

This has happened to everyone, I'm sure:

You're having a serious conversation, maybe about some of your insecurities and worries. You are really engaged in thoughts and words and listening and responding.

And then, in the midst of all the serious and the opening up and the feelings, it happens. Right in the middle of the sentence when you get at the heart of your thoughts, you say "twerkiness"... everyone's done that, right?

So even though you totally meant "quirkiness", "twerkiness" took over the whole conversation. The whole thing is lost and you both keep saying "twerk", "twerkiness", and "twerky" in place of its "quirk" counterpart.

So then the conversation becomes a series of laughter interspersed with phrases like:

"No really, I love your twerkiness!"

"Your twerk makes you so special."

"No one is twerky like you!"

The whole thing would be a complete waste of a touching moment and needed communication, except that you totally needed a laugh right at that moment.

This type of more than occasional word vomit and misspeaking that I don't take serious enough is also why I will never be a politician.

Liz Lemon would understand.



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