5 tips to Achieving Balance in your Life

 5 tips to Achieving Balance in your Life

Finding the right work-life balance has been a struggle for millions of Americans. Learning how to identify what’s important to you and how to delegate tasks are the fundamentals to reaching the right balance.

Here are 5 tips to getting back on the right track:

Health, it’s the most important: Words of wisdom from my father who has always instilled in his children that your health is irreplaceable, so mange it well.  Employers today offer wellness programs for employees and utilizing these programs are a great way to ease into exercise. Join a Gym! You don’t have to be limited to the standard workout equipment, many gyms offer popular classes and state of the art facilities so you never get bored. Implementing an exercise plan can help reduce stress, increase productivity, boost energy and encourage healthier sleep habits.

Schedule Free Time: We all schedule time to run errands, complete projects and attend events. Making time for yourself regularly to do what you want to do needs to be a priority. Whether it’s taking yourself out to your favorite restaurant or enjoying your favorite book, creating “me time” to do what you want to do shouldn’t be penciled in, but inked in.

Delegate Tasks: Review your calendar and highlight tasks that can be delegated to your personal assistant or someone else who can manage the tasks. You don’t have to do everything yourself all the time. Knowing how to identify and delegate tasks to another person can help tremendously in freeing up your schedule, especially those tasks that are time consuming.

Plan Ahead: Prepare for your week the weekend before to help reduce stress during the work week. How many of us have come home at the end of the workday and are faced with the inevitable question, what’s for dinner? Prepping the weekday meals in advance allows household members (especially children) to know what to expect for dinner.

Utilize Organization Apps: Managing the responsibilities of your work life and home life can be challenging at times. Knowing what your commitments are and the needs of the household can be simplified by utilizing apps such as Google Calendar and Cozi. I have used both and Google Calendar is a great tool for the workplace allowing you to create events, add attendees, view employee schedules and schedule reminders. Cozi is great for organizing your household and allows users to create grocery lists, add events, write journal entries and more that can be shared with designated users. There is even a cell phone app for both Google Calendar and Cozi that syncs automatically when updated.

Get ready to start enjoying life and finding the right balance for your lifestyle. The tools for finding the right balance can be as simple as implementing this 5 tips. Remember its all about living life and not worrying about life.

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