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Dear Cancer: I Hate You!

Cancer, I’m writing to you today to let you know that I hate you and I vehemently disagree with you.  You’ve taken people from me and continue to slowly, silently and steadily steal souls from us. I disagree with you on your approach as it is villainous, the way you sneak up on most, and surprise attack your victims.  There... Read more »

Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17: Have We Become Numb?

There were 298 victims on the tragic Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17.  298 lives – athletes, babies, nuns, aids researchers, moms, dads, sisters and brothers – 298 people.  Lives that were shot out of the sky by a group that should not have had the means to do so, but they did, because sadly that is the world... Read more »

Letter to a New Mom: List of Advice from an "Older" Mom

The ChicagoNow moms are writing a series of letters of advice to new moms.  One of our fellow bloggers Mary Tyler Mom came up with the brilliant idea.  As you can imagine, with as many different moms there are in the world, the advice offered to the new moms here is very diverse. You might be wondering... Read more »

Super Bowl Halftime Show - Can Red Hot Chili Peppers Exist on Mars?

Red Hot Chili Peppers and Bruno Mars will be entertaining us during the Super Bowl halftime show.  We had heard that the Chili Peppers were in NY the night before in Brooklyn, so hearing today that the Red Hot Chili Peppers were added to the line up made great sense to us.  How did I  know the Peppers were in Brooklyn on... Read more »

Dirty Little Laundry!

I’ve said it before – I hate laundry.  I tend to deal with our laundry on an “as needed basis”.  We need it, I got it and it’s ready!  Working full-time and running kids around to all their activities, I feel that I’m always behind. There is always more to be done, it’s never ending... Read more »

Uncle Lar - Thanks for the Laughs

Today I learned that Larry Lujack died, the Uncle Lar of WLS AM radio in the 70′s. Uncle Lar and Little Tommy were a big part of my life back in those days. Growing up in the Chicago area in the 70′s, for me, meant listening to WLS on the R2D2 transistor radio in my bedroom.  In the 70′s the R2D2 radio... Read more »

Who's Got that Hair on My Chiny Chin Chin?

Recently, I had to make a tough personal decision for myself - really more planning for a medical emergency. We all know that everyone needs to make a plan in case we are suddenly incapacitated.  You should have a Power of Attorney, a guardian for your children and all of your important papers need to be in order.  However, I would like to propose... Read more »

What the Elle? Melissa McCarthy is Wearing an "Over-Sized" Coat!

What the Elle?  I sat down today to relax, watch some TV with my son, and troll social media with my phone (my Saturday morning multitasking).  As I’m searching through Facebook posts about other people’s kids, their vacations, workouts, motivational quotes and birthdays (sorry, I missed some this week, Happy Birthday) I came across a story that gave... Read more »