Middle Child Day - August 12th! Who Cares?

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Middle Child Day is August 12th.  It is my holiday.  If you're a middle child, it is your holiday too, I will share it with you because "middles" are great at sharing.

Over the course of my lifetime I have announced my position in my life and in my family, claiming my middle child status.  Sometimes claiming it proudly and sometimes playing the victim of the Middle Child Syndrome.  Honestly, the older I get the more fun I have with it...don't tell my family.

My Uncle Mick and I shared this dubious family position and we would constantly commiserate on the situation of being the second child and being stuck...stuck in the middle.  We would joke that no one was paying attention to us, no one was listening.  We just raised our volume to insure we were heard.  His stories of being second and in the middle are much more fun than mine.

His older brother was my dad, so to me the stories of my stoic and serious dad picking on my funny Uncle Mick as a kid always had my attention.  My dad was the first in the family, the quieter of the brothers and he seldom corrected Uncle Mick on his "memories" of a particular childhood event.  His silence allowed the stories to grow over the years and added to our own Middle Child Syndrome arsenal.

Personally, I think second children are strong, resilient and happy people.  Recently Parent's Magazine wrote a story on Middle Child Day and gave this description of "middles":

Real-life middles have been pretty accomplished–think Donald Trump, Bill Gates, Princess Diana, and Martin Luther King, Jr. Personality-wise, middle children are thought to be people-pleasers, somewhat rebellious, peacemakers, and social creatures. Quite the mix of traits! 

Also, interesting to note, is that half of the US Presidents have been middle children however, this was just recently discovered.  Many years ago, even though the POTUS was a middle, he was counted all along as a first child.  This was because the first child in the family was a girl and come to find out, they didn't count girls as first, even though they were indeed the first.  And, well...well that's just a whole other blog for another day.

Middles are a confident crew, because we always wanted to be sure that we were heard and wanted to be sure as kids that someone was paying attention.  Maybe we were a little loud and rebellious as kids but it worked for us then, please forgive us as adults it is who we are.

I want to wish a Happy Middle Child Day to all my fellow "middles".  I'm posting this late tonight because I am a people-pleaser and really, to be honest, no one is going to pay attention to me or read this anyway...right?

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