Dear Cancer: I Hate You!



I'm writing to you today to let you know that I hate you and I vehemently disagree with you.  You've taken people from me and continue to slowly, silently and steadily steal souls from us.

I disagree with you on your approach as it is villainous, the way you sneak up on most, and surprise attack your victims.  There is no regard for who you will choose, who and how you will torture or hurt.

We've done our best to prevent you're appearance in our lives.  We've excluded you, we've marched, walked and ran against you.  We've worn pink, yellow, purple and green in hopes to gang up on you to keep you away.  Yet there you are, never flinching at our punches.


cancer ribbons


You need to go away, you need to leave us alone, and you need to let us live in peace.   Leave the children with their parents, leave the parents with their children - leave us all be, we will take care of each other without your interference.  We are stronger than you, we can beat you and we will win.

Cancer, one of these days we will sneak up on you and make you regret the day you showed up.  Until you figure out how to live amongst us in peace you are not welcome here any longer.  GO AWAY!


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