The Fault in Our Stars - Was My Fault!


The Fault in Our Stars - was my fault!

A week ago I ended up at the movie The Fault in Our Stars.  It wasn't a planned outing, it was very last minute and I was going as a favor to a group.  I actually went under a silent protest - it was during the week, it was a 9:00 pm movie, I was tired, and I had lots of other things to be doing but, it was a favor.

I walked up to the ticket booth and actually said, "I need a ticket to that stars movie."  The ticket girl looked at me like I was from another  planet. Here is the thing, I have all boys in my house, so this movie and "the" book were not on my radar, they just weren't.  So, I guess I showed my hand to the ticket girl by not being able to say the title in full.  All I had heard was that the girl had cancer, it was a love story and there was some sort of Anne Frank House controversy.  She still sold me my ticket despite her apparent horror at my culturally challenge request.

We bought our snacks and picked our seats.  I was happy we had great seats, we were able to put our feet up and I was able to eat Sno-Caps with no one watching me.  Not sure if you all know this, but if no one knows you ate those Sno-Caps...the calories don't count.  It's kind of like the rule, "If you don't take a plate - you never ate!"  I live by these rules!  So, I'm settling in happy with my seat and thrilled with my secret snack.  The night is looking up.

The previews start and I quickly realize by the previews that I'm at a tween movie and I mumble to myself, "Well, alright it will be ok."   Actually, all of the previews seemed pretty good so, I'm still in this and I've now convinced myself I'm glad I'm here.   Then the other mom I'm with pulls out the purse-sized Kleenex pack and sticks it between us in the empty drink holder.  I look at her confused through the glow of the previews.  She whispers to me, "Are you a crier?"  I answer honestly, "No" and she answers me with a raised eyebrow and a nod.

Here is the thing she has seen the movie as well as the two teen girls that we are with and they all knew what was coming...but no one told me.  Not only had they seen the movie, but they all read the book too.  I'm not sure why they didn't share with me what I was walking into, perhaps there is an epilogue in the book that tells the reader not too, whatever the reason I'm here to tell you it wasn't fair.

The movie starts and quickly I realize this isn't going to be a waste of 2 hours.  It caught my attention quickly.  Sam from True Blood is the dad, can't be too bad right.  It was funny, touching, thought provoking and I thought maybe just a little predictable.  Girl has cancer, doesn't want to fall in love, doesn't want to hurt the boy.  I get it, I see where we are headed.  Boy, was I wrong, I did not see this coming.

So, at first I'm holding my own because I'm not a "crier".  Then I realize I'm trying to hide the tears that are beginning to form in the corners of my eyes with my fingertips.  Now, I quickly realize I need to employ my knuckles, but sadly they are not as absorbent as I had hoped.  I then quietly slide forward for a Kleenex, thinking that I will just need one to dab the corners of my eyes.  I seriously waited too long, by the time I gave in for the Kleenex I was wiping the streaming tears off my neck.  Yes, MY NECK.  The Fault in Our Stars almost had me in the "ugly cry" at the Joliet Cinemark watching a tween movie.

I left the movie with a headache, my heart was throwing up and my soul was bruised!  The movie was stuck in my head the whole next day.

Having said all of that, I would strongly suggest this pain to everyone.  You should read this book and see this movie.  I'm sorry, but I cannot tell you the ending, because apparently it's against the rules of tween girl land.  And, by the way there is NO Anne Frank House controversy I can't even believe someone thought that there ever was!

The title from the movie was taken from a Shakespeare's line:  "The Fault, dear Brutus is not in our stars, but in ourselves."  Even Shakespeare knew the fault was all my own!  Next time I will know what I'm walking into!  Okay?  Okay!


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