Starbucks My Guilty Pleasure!

starbucksAnyone who knows me, knows my guilty pleasure is Starbuck's coffee, it sort of borders on the lines of addiction.  No matter the time of day or where I'm headed, if I see that green Starbuck's sign, my car pulls toward it, as if it were a magnet pulling me into the parking lot.  I think that mermaid, Medusa logo lady has hypnotic powers, when I look at it my car just steers that way.  I justify my stops, by convincing myself it is just a simple cup of coffee, not one of those fancy coffees for $4.

Most of the Baristas know my drink, my name and some have even friended me on Facebook.  My boys roll their eyes when, even in the "drive-thru", they know who I am by my drink order.  If my husbands stops by to get me a drink, they joke with him saying, "That's not your drink, that's Jeepers' drink"!  When he questions how often I must stop there, to illicit their statements, I defend myself by stating, "It is not a bartender who knows my favorite drink - it's just coffee!"

I think I love coffee so much because I love the smell.  When I was growing up my grandparents, who lived on a farm, had it percolating all day long.  No matter when you stopped by, that was the smell that greeted you when you entered their house.  When I was younger, my grandma would take a large bakelite coffee mug, fill a third of it with cream, a third of it with sugar (or so it seemed) and a third of it with coffee.  I was hooked.

So maybe my guilty pleasure is more of a good memory or a sensory happy place, I'm not sure, and I don't think it matters why.  Coffee is good for you!  What is so wrong with having a simple, caffeinated, guilty pleasure?  It keeps me happy and if mama's happy...everyone is happy!






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